I am a psychic by birth and have through the grace of God, been working for years, and have built a clientele of thousands of satisfied clients, all over the world, strictly by word of mouth.

I used to hesitate doing phone readings, but my clients proved me wrong and were calling more and more often with positive feedback. Why? I think it’s because there are no visual cues or distractions. I rely entirely upon my experience doing professional readings and extensive study in the subjects of theology, and metaphysics. In this way, I can remove my “mortal” self, and simply allow the universe to move through me and express what it feels a person needs to hear for their own higher good. It’s worked so well, that I do the majority of my readings via telephone. In preparation for your session, let me explain a bit of my philosophy. It’s my goal to have you NOT need me. I want to get you to where you can surpass anything that may be blocking you from achieving our highest good. Some clients have likened a reading to an intense psychotherapy treatment, whereby they leave with a better understanding of hidden motives, emotions and blockages which are inhibiting their growth and manifestation of their goals.

We are all meant to experience supreme pleasure, loving relationships, career success, vibrant health and true abundance, even fame and fortune if we so desire. There are proven steps to achieving this and so much more, and whatever the specific case may be, I try to shed light on areas that people may be stopping this from coming into their lives. This makes us powerful co-creators within our lives, not just passive observers. By aligning ourselves with universal law, we will find that all paths reveal a treasure that is just waiting for us to explore.

I meditate before I begin to be shown only what is in the highest good for my client. Then I allow my intuitive channel to show me pictures, images, names and storylines that I will describe to you. It is my goal to show you where you are today and what you will likely manifest in the near and distant future, based upon what I “read.”

No matter what events I foresee, you always have free will. This is reason that some things are not predictable as elements may not be yet in place. In this case, I will tell you that I don’t foresee an outcome, rather than give you various scenarios of what may or may not happen. I don’t make things up and I don’t lie.

For the record, I will never give anyone any information that I feel would harm them in any way. My goal is always for the well being and higher good of a client, and to improve their lives. When they leave a session with me, I want them to be different than they were they first walked into the room, or picked up the phone. Different and better for it.

It is a good idea to write down your questions, before the reading. Be specific. I cannot stress this enough. For instance, if you wish to know if you will receive money, I will say yes. You could find a nickel on the sidewalk that afternoon, and you would have received money. The clearer the questions, the more accurate the answers will be. It is suggested not to imbibe any alcohol or take any mind-altering substances 24 hours prior to your session, as this blocks the flow and I cannot and will not receive accurate information.

I prefer that calls be made from a land-line as cell phones do not provide as grounded an experience. If you cannot call from a land line, please inform me ahead of time, in order that I might make the necessary adjustment.

Readings are not recorded. I recommend you have a pen and paper handy to take notes. I keep notes as well, so if for any reason you need clarification, or forget part of the reading, I am happy to go back and help you piece together the puzzle.

Some people may have time-sensitive questions and don’t wish to wait. If this is the case, please contact us for information on how we accommodate your needs via email.

MY Reading rates:

$70 for 1/2 an hour
$120 for an hour


As many of my clients know, I don’t believe we become “psychic.” I believe we already are. So many of my friends and clients have asked me to coach them in awakening their own psychic abilities, and help move them to the next level of psychic development. I now offer individual classes. This is an intensive, one on one telephone clairvoyant training program, designed to help you get in touch with your soul, your creativity and yourself !

As the instructor, I work with you personally during the course of 7 weeks, one session per week lasting approximately 2 hours. (A workbook will be provided, with specific exercises.) The overall goal is to bring you to a level of confidence in your own clairvoyant skills in order that you might manifest on both the mental and spiritual planes. You will learn clairvoyant skills, connect with your spirit guides, and begin practicing readings on yourself, and, if you so desire, on others.

This is strictly an individualized program, as I found that everyone takes the course for different reasons. Some take the training to enhance their skills, while others are brand new on the path of the psychic arts and want the best training possible. Still others have strong personal healing goals and seek their own spiritual growth. Whatever the case may be, I structure the course accordingly. For more information, please contact Servet at seminar page My schedule is not yet confirmed for 2009. Please check back for seminars, workshops and lecture dates.


By confirming your appointment with Servet Hasan you understand and accept the following:
  1. Servet cannot guarantee the outcome of her predictions and is in no way responsible for the result of the client session.
  2. The client is 100% responsible for any action taken based on their interpretation of the information presented in a session.
  3. In no way should you use these insights to replace medical or legal advice.
  4. All of Servet’s sessions are meant to be used as a guideline, to help clients better understand themselves, by realizing where they have been, where they are now and where they may be going.
  5. The fee is paid for the output of energy and time Servet uses on your behalf.
  6. By accepting this confirmation you release Servet, or any of her affiliate companies, from any and all legal responsibility from your session.