I am currently looking outside, at a cold winter morning. A dense fog swirls over the mountain tops. Raindrops hang like diamonds from the leaves of a barren bush. I can smell the dampness and taste the moisture in the air. Winter looms. But then I see it. A maple tree bows to the wind and a cascade of colorful leaves fall like a fountain. Who knew that letting go could be so exquisitely beautiful?

The seasons remind me that not too long ago these same leaves were green buds bursting forth and growing larger and larger with summer’s abundance shining down upon them. It also reminds me that it’s not unlike the seasons of our lives. How many moments of our lives are marked by some kind of loss? You lose your job, your spouse gets sick, a friend leaves, a dream dies. Every day, we are reminded that things come and they go and that there truly is a season for everything under Heaven.

But I am also reminded that when something dies outside of us, or within us, that something new is born. A sprout of new growth will undoubtedly follow. New life will inevitably emerge. Whatever the loss may be, no matter how big or small, expected or unexpected, as we journey through it–and we must journey through it–we can emerge on the other side with an arsenal of life-changing, hard-won, sacred gifts that renew our lives and create a whole new being.

As you pass through a difficult crisis, or change, remember this and know that eventually you will thrive amid the uncertainty and chaos. This is the time to have trust and faith, not so much in someone else—although seeking help is always an option—but trust and faith in yourself. It’s about knowing that whatever has happened, you will find a way through it. It’s about knowing that without risking entering unmarked territory that our lives would be mundane and boring and that we would never really grow mentally and spiritually. Your body, mind and spirit will thank you.
For your mind, take time every day to meditate or pray. Fear can drown out your intuition and now is when you will need it the most. Reconnect with your inner self and it will guide you to exactly where you need to go next.

For your body, take time to nurture yourself. Sleep more, exercise, eat well, and whenever possible treat yourself to a massage, or whatever makes you feel special and spoiled.

And, last but not least, for your spirit, stop lamenting about whatever has happened, embrace it and look upon it as a grand new adventure, one in which you will be made a new.

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